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Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Application: It is a liquid umami seasoning made from defatted soybeans, peanut meal, wheat protein, or corn gluten-containing edible plant protein and hydrolyzed by hydrochloric acid and neutralized with alkali.Soup, Flavors and fragrances, Meat products, Fresh seasoning, Instant noodles, Snack foods

Raw material: natural vegetable protein source
Process: Hydrochloric acid hydrolysis
Product status: clear liquid, concentrated paste, powder
Main flavor components: amino acid conversion rate can reach more than 70%, complete hydrolysis, high free amino acid content, relatively small peptide content


Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein flavor feature 1: increase freshness and seasoning

HVP flavor characteristics 2: Improve aroma
Participate in Maillard reaction to produce meat-like aroma and improve product flavor

HVP flavor characteristics three: remove peculiar smell
Suppress bad odors in food and enhance the natural flavor of products