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Textured Vegetable Protein

lt is widely used inmeat, sausage products, vegetarian food products, snackfoods etc.

Packing: 25kg/ bag of 20kg/bag or 15kg/bag in one Kraft paper with inner plastic bag.

Storage: ln ‘cool and dry conditions temperature lower than 28℃ (80F and relative’ humidity less than 65%. Not stored with the volatile ‘substances together.

Expiry Date: 12 months.


Textured soybean protein is made of food grade soybean through special extrusion process. lt has a structure that is similar to meat products. lt is widely used in inmeat, sausage products, vegetarian food products, snack foods, etc.

Physicochemical data
Protein (dry basis)≥50%
Fat≤1.5 %,
Loss on drying≤10.0 %
Crude Fiber≤6.5 %,
Bulk density ≤350g/l.

Product specifications

Function and characteristics
1.High protein content, low fat, no cholesterol.
2.Excellent protein components, easy digestion, and absorption.3.The dietary fiber helps digestion, increases satiety.
4.Unique production technology, Soybean smell removal.5.Chewing sense similar to the meat product.
6.Internal loose reticular fiber structure can contain flavor substances.